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North American Power purchases electricity on the wholesale market, and creates a selection of plans for you to choose from. You can shop directly on our website, and enroll online or over the phone.

Many of our plans provide a fixed rate through the summer and/or winter months – typically the months of highest home energy consumption.

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Electricity supply customers can also receive Understandabill™, our revolutionary new home energy report that delivers easy-to-understand data regarding how we estimate you’ll likely use electricity, along with customized energy saving tips that could help you use less.

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A few frequently asked questions

  • Q. How can North American Power offer low rates on my electricity or natural gas?
    When your state deregulated its energy market, it opened the industry to competition so that homeowners and businesses could shop for the best value. This has allowed companies like North American Power to buy energy in the wholesale markets and have control over the rates we can offer customers. Our electricity or natural gas is delivered to your home or business by your local utility via existing power lines or distribution systems, just as it always has. The only difference will be a new electricity or natural gas rate on the supply portion of your bill.
  • Q. When will my new North American Power supply rate officially take effect?
    Once your utility has accepted your enrollment request, which should only take a few days, we'll send you a confirmation email that includes your start date with us. To avoid delays, please make sure you accurately enter all of your customer information while enrolling.
  • Q. Will there be any interruptions to my service?
    No. The transition from your local utility or previous retail energy supplier is seamless. Your home won't lose power, and there's no new equipment to buy. Your local utility will continue to read your meter and deliver your electricity or natural gas. Rest assured they'll continue to respond to any emergencies and outages just as they always have.
  • Q. Will I have to pay two separate bills?
    No, you'll still pay only one bill. Customers in Georgia and Texas will receive a monthly bill directly from North American Power, while all those in other states will continue to receive one bill from their local utility. “North American Power” will appear under the Energy Supplier portion of your statement.

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